YRF Entertainment to Produce a Nicole Kindman Starrer Film.

On Saturday, May 19th, 2012


YRF Entertainment to produce a Nicole Kidman starrer movie.

Yash Raj Films (YRF) Entertainment, the second largest film industry of the world has joined hands with Pierre-Ange Le Pogam of Stone Angels to produce and finance their upcoming movie ‘Grace Of Monaco’. This is made confirmed by the YRF Entertainment CEO, Uday Chopra and the production works for the film will be started in southern France soon.

 “Grace of Monaco is the kind of movie that has a perfect blend of talent and sensibility that YRF Entertainment is proud to be a part of. We look forward to a great partnership with Olivier and Pierre-Ange,” said Mr. Chopra while talking to the reporters in a press conference.

The movie is based upon the account of efforts the late Princess Grace of Monaco (the former Grace Kelly, played by Nicole Kidman) had made to make peace between her adopted country and France. The theme of the story narrates how Grace, only a lady of just 33 years gave up her acting career to become Monaco’s First lady and how she plotted through a political minefield to solve the issue.

The project is the hottest move by YRF Entertainment, a Beverly Hills-based production and financing company that is a subordinate of Indian studio YRF, to develop, finance, and produce English language films for the US and global market. Mainly, Uday Chopra and Pierre-Ange Le Pogam are quite satisfied to be joining forces to bring “Grace of Monaco” to the big-screen.

Le Pogam is much keyed up and said, “When I first read the script written by Arash Amel, I thought it was a great story to tell, with a lot of artistic, historical and emotional potential. This is why I invited Olivier Dahan to become the director because he has this artistic vision. “

“When Olivier and I met with Nicole Kidman for the first time, we felt immediately she was the right artist to portray Princess Grace. When I then met with Uday, I had the same feeling after our conversation. He was obviously the right partner because of his beautiful vision of the movie. We are very proud and enthusiastic to be sharing the experience of working together with YRF,” also she added.

YRF Entertainment is at present too managing post-production on Peter Glanz’s upcoming comedic feature, ‘The Longest Week’ starring Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde, and has a lineup of films in expansion.

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