Yash Chopra met Sridevi after long year’s interval!

On Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


Yash Chopra met Sridevi at Yash Raj Studios after long years.

The Yash Raj Films CEO Yash Chopra recently met the English Vinglish actress at the Yash Raj Studios after long intervals, and the backdrop was somehow whimsical. You might think, how Mr. Chopra managed his precious time to deliver sometime for Sridevi. Then we must ask you here, don’t you know that Sridevi has always been one of the favorite lead ladies for him?

No issues if you knew not. But get known now! In fact, this was the sole decision of Mr. Chopra to meet the yesteryear actress and more appositely it was a long duration since they had met last. So, he dropped by the sets of English Vinglish in person and met the actress. As revealed the sources, the meeting was also quite enchanting and they even got indulged in chitchat for pretty sometime.

“The two shared their warm greetings and also chitchatted about the olden days refreshing the golden memories”, revealed a unit-hand. Sridevi and Yashji have been familiar to each other since 1989, when he directed her, in the movie Chandni. “Yashji even congratulated Sridevi on her comeback film English Vinglish. Sridevi indeed was immensely touched by this gesture and was very happy to see him after a long time”, added the source further.

The upcoming movie of Sridevi English Vinglish is slated for October 5 release and the actress is cast against French actor Mehdi Nebbou in the movie.  The storyline of the movie revolves around the actress’ struggle for existence in a new city along with her attempts to learn English to please her husband. Though the movie is mostly based in America, but shooting of all the indoor scenes are done in Yash Raj Studios.

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