Will Amir be a part of Big B’s birthday bash!

On Monday, October 8th, 2012


Amir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan to return Indian together for attaining Big B’s birthday bash.

B-town Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan is at hand busy with Mr. Junior Bachchan at the sets of ‘Dhoom3’ in Chicago, shooting for the movie and on the other hand, Abhisekh’s mother Jaya is busy in the arrangements for her dear hubby Big B’s lavish birthday bash. While it’s going to be the first ever birthday celebrated by Amitabh, we have come to hear from the sources that, the duo actors Abhishek and Amir are getting set to fly down to Mumbai for participating in Senior Bachchan’s grand birthday bash the very morning.

We understand the task might be typical, ‘coz it’s not a matter of ease to fly down to India and vice versa the very day. But, after all it’s a matter of the first celebrated birthday by the great Bollywood legend and Amir Sir of course wouldn’t like to miss the occasion. Abhishek, of course is coming back to India to attain his father’s birthday and hence Amir is also accompanying him.

Confirming the news of Amir’s return and his extra excitement on the issue, revealed a source,” Aamir might fly back to Mumbai with Abhishek for the bash and then they’d both return to Chicago after the event.” And what’s more the source divulges, in the small span of shooting for ‘Dhoom 3’, Abhishek has become too close to Amir and Amir on the other hand is getting much close to the Bachchan family. Not only the actors, but their wives have started getting intimate to each other. That confirms the know-how of one more strong rapport budding in Bollywood.

However, this might be another cause why Amir desires not to miss the occasion!  Apart, the sources confirm that Abhishek gave a detailed info about his father’s birthday plans to Amir, and he (Amir) showing intense interest on the issue suggested him to fly down to Mumbai jointly. While all arrangements are most probably finished for the grand birthday bash on October 10, now it’s to be seen, if they both land in Mumbai to attain the get together or it’s only Abhi who will come alone. Rest to October 10! Keep connected to get more info.

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