Why Sunny Leone is Dressed in Burqa!

On Thursday, May 3rd, 2012


Sunny Leone signs the contract for Ekta Kapoor's Ragini MMS 2.

Sunny Leone, the most recent sexiest Avatar of the industry is supposed to have been forced to wear a burqa by Producer Ekta Kapoor this meanwhile. Are you under delusion, for what? I just make it clear. In fact, buzz going on around the B Town that the sexy doll who is now busy in shooting for her debut “Jism 2”, has signed the contract for Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2. Cool! If the news comes true, then the Indo-Canadian porn star is obviously going to smash the Industry with her two 2s.

It seems as if Ekta is much impressed with this hot babe and perhaps that’s why, she wanted to meet her in person, though she had met her never before. Also Ekta wanted to let her star the Ragini MMS sequel and their first meeting was quite rich. Ekta liked her much at the first outlook and simultaneously wanted not to unveil this meeting before the contract was signed. Hence, she insisted Sunny to wear a burqa and accordingly she reached the office of Ekta Kapoor, fully clad with the burqa.

An insider expressed while talking to a daily, “The producers hadn’t met Sunny before this. And they wanted to meet her, especially Ekta. But at the same time, they wanted it to be a secret, as Ekta didn’t want the news to be out before the contracts were signed.” Friends; whatever the reason might be, but we could see the porn star clad with a burqa once at least! Really fantastic!

Ahead of the meeting, everything was finalized between Ekta and Sunny over a confidential email, but Ekta wanted to meet her in person to sign the contract. So, Sunny had no alternative, but to wear the burqa.

The internal sources added “The entire negotiation took place over a confidentiality mail between both the parties. After everything was decided, Ekta wanted to meet Sunny personally so she called her to the office to sign the contract. Sunny had no choice but to wear a burkha and visit the office. Nobody got to know that it was Sunny.”. But at the right time, Ekta exposed the truth, even before the media.

Anyhow, though the porn star has already signed for Ragini MMS 2, but she speaks not anything openly about her second endeavor. She only talks of Jism 2 on Twitter. Only just came out of his Twitter page, “For all wondering!! I am only working with @PoojaB1972 for Jism 2 until then I am not going to be in ANY OTHER MOVIE!!!!(sic)”.

Wow Sunny, How nicely you can handle your secret deals!

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