Why Karishma joins Ex-Hubby’s Family Bash?

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Karishma Kapoor

Karishma Kapoor joined her ex-hubby’s family bash!

Everyone in B-town is aware of the fact, that Kapoor Beti Karishma is no more with her husband Sunjaya Kapoor and they have already divorced. But seems, Lolo is losing patience to stay away for Sunjay’s family and that’s why she flew to Delhi recently, to attend a family bash of Sunjay! Though, the matter seems uneven, yet it’s a truth.

As per the reports, the very last Saturday Lolo took a flight to Delhi to meet her ex-flame’s family and attend their family get together. In fact, it was the birthday occasion of Sunjay’s dear sis Mandira and Lolo wanted not to miss the occasion. And reportedly, she is too close to Mandira. So in such conditions, there was no chance of missing the party which was a sit-in dinner at a luxury hotel and was attended by close friends and family.

Ensuring the news, a source close to Sunjay’s family said, “Lolo is Sunjay’s family’s pet. She is especially close to Mandira. She had to be there for Mandira’s birthday. In fact Lolo makes it a point to be in Delhi for all major family functions in Sunjay’s family. Though he is now seeing someone else and wants to marry again Sunjay’s family continues to be close to Lolo.”

Well! We know not what are the exact reasons that the couple got separated, but what we know they are in no family bond now and we can’t surmise how Kaishma is in contact with her ex-flame’s family! Is not the issue bit more extravagant? What you think friends?

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