What makes Kangana decide to stay with family?

On Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


Kangna Ranaut looks for the help of family in her hard times!

Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut is hardly found in her home city Mumbai owing to the cause of her busy shooting schedule and that’s what makes her take a constant travel around the world. But, you know what! At hand, the babe decided to stay with her family and even called her parents to stay with her in her Mumbai apartment.

Only just, the actress returned from her Europe tour having finished shooting of her two most recent upcoming flicks Queen in Paris and Amsterdam and post return she declared to be living with her parents. But why? We hope, this is because of her break-up with her British boy friend Nicholas Lafferty that perhaps hurt her most. Anyways, she is also all set to face the situation and hence opted to spend time with parents. After all, the presence of parents and familiar touch give you relieve during your hard times!

Confirming the issue, a source close to Kangana said, “Yes, Kangana asked her parents to come and live with her. She has been a little down lately, especially after her break-up with boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty. And the last thing she wanted is to come to an empty home after a grueling shooting schedule. Since she was feeling a little lonely, she’s asked her parents to move in with her. Her parents were more than happy to do that as they wanted to be with their daughter.”

However, the sources too reveal that the presence of her parents with Kanagana and the home-cooked food has started showing its charisma and the babe has started relieving a lot. Her lost glory is back she has started showing changes in behavior! The previous distress is no more found in her outlook and she sees to have recovered a lot.

Well, it’s really nice to see the actress taking turn to her original path and we hope her recover soon from such down-falling situation! You know why? ‘Coz she is a jam packed actress of the B-town and right now is having more than three projects in hand! We fear, this awkward situation in life might not affect her career! So, let’s hope for the best!

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