What makes Juhi Parmar go nervous?

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Juhi Parmar is expecting her first child!

Do you have any answer to our queries? Do you know, why the B-town versatile actress Juhi Parmar is getting so much nervous these days? We think you mustn’t hahve any idea! However, the truth is really ecstatic and aww…inducing! You might wonder with such unsolved talk of ours. Then let’s explain the issue! Actually, Juhi who is married to Television personality and businessman Sachin Shroff is expecting their first tiny tot. Is not it euphoric?

When all are turning their heads in favor of the issue and eagerly waiting for tha auspicious day to come, but Juhi seems much tensed and nervous regarding this.

Of late, she took to her twitter page and posted, “There is a lot of nervousness, as an expecting mom undergoes a lot of changes every day. The first month of my pregnancy was a bit difficult and I had major mood swings. I used to cry randomly and Sachin could never fathom the reason. I guess I was plain nervous wondering if I would be a good mother to my child. I’ve become stable now, especially after entering the second trimester. But emotionally, it’s an enthralling and overwhelming feeling.”

Just before a few days Juhi was undergoing a thyroid crisis that caused her expecting baby gain some extra weight.  But now she is all set to face this new phase of her life after losing more than 20 kilos of weigh! Ask her if she foresees any danger to regain the lost weight and she promptly answers, “If I can come down to 50 kgs from 70, it won’t be a task to lose that extra weight.” And what’s more interesting and clandestine in this chapter, is her secret desire to get a baby girl!

Congrats Juhi! We wish you and your dear hubby all the best for this new guest in your family!

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