Why Akshay Kumar’s house is protected by cops?

On Saturday, September 29th, 2012


Akshay Kumar’s Juhu bungalow is under police protection!

Akshay Kumar’s most talked about film ‘Oh My God’ hit the theaters the day before, but not to an immense response as expected in the box office. However, we have come to hear that the recent turned proud papa has faced some controversies owing to the script of his latest released movie OMG and hence has asked for police protection. Though he has not been there for any confirmation, but what the sources reveal, his Juhu residence is under the protection of cops.

But why? What happened to the B-town actor that he had to ask for police protection! Khiladi Kumar has always maintained the reputation of having a single bodyguard with him all the time, while all his contemporary stars are been guarded by a band of 8 to 9 bodyguards. Hence, the matter was of course questionable. But upon query, we came to hear that it so happened because of his most recent movie OMG.

In fact, a senior Mahila Congress leader of Punjab has filed a complaint against Akshay before the Jalandhar Police, alleging him to have hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus in OMG: Oh My God and that’s what made the senior police officers realize providing his family police protection, as a preventive measure. Hence, two policemen have been positioned outside Akshay Kumar’s house in a 24*7 basis since the last couple of days.

Well, Akshay has been in a cheerful mood for the last few days due to his new born baby and we fear, such allegation of the Congress leader wouldn’t keep a check to his roaring happiness!

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