Who is the real man for Veena Malik?

On Friday, September 28th, 2012


Veena Malik thinks ex-beau Asif as her real man!

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik has always grabbed the limelight for any of the other reason and is best known in the Bollywood industry for her bold image and controversial remarks. However, she has even adorned the media page a few times owing to her ongoing love affair with Indian actors. During the shoot of a B-grade film in India, which also meant to be her B-town debut, the sexy lass was proposed by her co-star Raja Choudhary. Though she didn’t accept the offer, but she was constantly in news for having a close rapport with Indian actor Ashmit Patel.

Though, the duo had an intense affair and were marked several times in varied public places, yet she always denied all hook-ups with the actor. While many were in wonder, who exactly the sexy siren is in love with, of late she revealed some shocking statement. I mean, she at hand divulged the real man of his dream world and he is none other than her ex-beau Asif. Veena openly declared the issue saying that Asif is the real man for her and she missed all the moments she had spent with him, their post break up. Ahem Ahem! The man is here and we were taking him for someone else!

However, appreciating Asif in many terms Veena said, “Asif is the real man for me and I missed him a lot. He is out of all and the best moments which I spent with him that is a foot massage and I think he is better foot massager than a cricketer.” She broke up with Asif following his controversial match-fixing scandal and since that day, we hope she has missed him a lot.

Well, whatever the matter might be! But, we guess Veena is back on track and has perhaps resumed her fidelity to Asif again! Why? Don’t you think the same?

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