Who is sexier: Richa Chadda or Tomatoes?

On Saturday, September 29th, 2012


Richa Chadda and Nikhil Diwedi used tomatoes for love-making scenes!

You might get flabbergasted with such weird and absurd question of ours and wonder, how can Richa Chadda be compared with tomatoes and that from sexy point of view! Strange! And yet not. Ask us why and we shall say, somehow the comparison keeps a cause owing to the latest lovemaking scene being shot by this Gangs of Wasseypur fame babe with her co-star Nikhil Dwivedi in Bharat Ratan’s next!  

To make the issue more clear, of late Richa was busy shooting her second flick Tamanchey with co-star Nikhil, in which she had to do an intimate scene with him. As demanded the script, the babe had to go much intimate with Nikhil in the scene to which she hastily denied. That caused a severe head ache for the director ad he was left with no option at all to make the babe convinced for the scene. You can say, that every idea of the director went in vain for some time.

What we hear, at last someone on the set whispered Ratan to make use of tomatoes as props for making the scene genuinely hot and spicy and we know not why. But the director instantly got agree with the idea. When the duo actors were informed about the idea, they became extremely happy and got ready to fling for the scene right away. And you can better imagine what would have happened next! Soon the director visited an adjacent wholesale shop and brought sacks of tomatoes and the scene was finally given a perfect shot with immense curiosity.

However, this came out as an absolute new-fangled idea for love making scenes in the B-town industry and what we realize, perhaps the  flowers used to insinuate intimate scenes in old days have been replaced by tomatoes in the modern day love-making phenomena. And this was the what made us curious to ask you, ‘Who is sexier, Richa Chadda or the tomatoes?’ But tell us guys, do you have truly any answer to this?  

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