What’s special in Akshay’s home production venture?

On Saturday, August 25th, 2012


Akshay Kumar with his self designed bike in ‘OMG!Oh My God’.

Time goes all well for Khiladi Kumar and hence the superstar seems taking a whirl of all his ideal to new outcomes, apart from emphasizing on his acting endowment. The terrific success of his very last released movie ‘Rowdy Rathoer’ stirred him to get coupled with Sonakshi again in his next flick ‘Joker’. While playing the part of a scientist in ‘Joker’, he looked forward for his home production venture OMG!Oh My God and now we mark that he is in full reflection of Godly ideas. There is no reason to ask why, ‘coz it’s known to all that he is playing the part of ‘GOD’ ion his home production flick.

Akshay, apart from producing the movie also gives special interest in designing the varied style segments of his home production flick. Basiacally he emphasizes on the style queue of his own character in the movie. Take an instance! At hand, the 44-year-old actor thought of making his appearance somehow special in this movie and hence designed a special bike out of his know-how of mean machines for self use. Isn’t it fantastic? You might not believe how special the bike is unless you get a glimpse of it. Just take a look at the bike and you will know how cool it looks!

Even one of the insiders at the sets of OMG!Oh My God gave some particulars of the bike that made us believe that  it’s really unique in its structure and utility. “Akshay came up with the idea to get a customised license plate with symbols of the three religions – Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. The license plate has ‘Om’, ‘786’ and ‘The Cross’ imprinted on it. And it’s to signify equality among the three religions,” he said.

Kya baat! Don’t you think that Akshay is getting particular in his style sense for his God character in OMG! Apart he is also getting particular to enhance the divine rational among his viewers in the movie, we think! That’s what made him make these special arrangements. We hope, these efforts of Aki will not go in vain and will give the audience the feel of heavenly touch inside the four-walls of the theatre.

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