What’s Special about Rani’s Appearance in ‘Talaash’?

On Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

rani mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee with no make-up look in ‘Talaash’.

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee will be seen playing the character of Aamir Khan’s wife in her upcoming movie ‘Talaash’. But, we have come to hear, that this time you will get to see something special in Rani’s appearance in the movie. Then what? Reportedly, Rani who was last seen using excessive make up in her last released movie Aiyaa, will this time be seen devoid of any make up onscreen.

You might wonder why! Clearly to say it was the wish of Reema Kagti, director of the movie.  ‘Coz, Rani is playing a housewife in the movie, so Reema was much aficionado of her look and hence suggested her not to take any make-up at all. And Rani, who had no other way left apart from nodding to Reema’s words, apparently took a no make-up look in the movie.

Reveals a source, “Though it is known as the ‘no make-up look’, there is some amount of make-up always used to even out the skin tone and to protect the skin from the harsh lights. Rani, too took the same approach a couple of times. But each time Reema would come and check if there was any make-up on her face. “And what says the source; even Rani was asked a couple of times by Reema to wash her face to get a natural look. “Her freckled skin is clearly visible in most parts of the film, but Rani had no problems shooting without any make-up on,” further adds the source.

Ask Reema, why she decided to give Rani such a look and she says that the decision was too accurate as the actress plays a very emotional character in the movie and it never so happens that she has ever time to think about her appearance in such serious states. And that’s why the decision was to give her a very casual and clean no make-up look. “She is truly beautiful and so photogenic. She manages to look terrific even with no make-up,” says Reema.

Well, we yet not have seen the actress without make-up onscreen and will definitely love to have a glimpse of her de-glam look . What say guys?

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