What’s next for Ileana in the B-town?

On Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Ileana-dcruz to make her career in Bollywood!

The babe is just a film old in the industry, yet is frantic to make it big in the B-town. Yes, we do talk about the beautiful South Indian actress Ileana d’Cruz who thinks of shifting her career to Bollywood. I mean, the babe shows intense interest to build up her career in Bollywood and that’s why is shifting to Mumbai in a just a couple of months. She herself confessed the truth before the reporters recently.

Of late, Ileana made her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu’s three starrer movie Barfi in a de-glam Bengali character Shruti alongside the B-town handsome hunk Ranbir Kapopor and turned the centre of attraction for all. Though the characters of Priyanka Chopra and Junior RK were much promising, yet the babe managed to grab the limelight among them. That’s what proves that she is talented enough to face the stiff competition in the tinsel town and that’s what perhaps made her take such decision.

In fact, she is determined to take this step and hence confirms that she is shifting to Mumbai in the next couple of months. Because she is focused to make her career in Bollywood, hence says to have not signed any South Indian movie during the shoot of her last movie Barfi. Even, the actress is looking forward to purchase a property in Mumbai so that she can settle there permanently. She has also started her frantic search for the purpose.

Well, ask her if she is going to quit the South Indian industry, once gets settled in Bollywood and she gets candid saying, “I really don’t think that’s possible. I am really proud to be part of Telugu and now Hindi cinema. The two kinds of cinema are so diverse culturally and yet part of one unified popular cultural experience that’s Indian cinema. I’ve so much fun doing Telugu cinema. They’re so colourful and so much fun.” That shows the leggy lass is not in a mood to leave the South entirely, but to divide time between South and Mumbai.

Not bad! Too good an idea it’s. But, we have to wait and watch if the actress really becomes able to face the taut rivalry that goes on in the tinsel town and if yes, then she might get counted as one of the front line actresses there. We don’t doubt it, ‘coz she is too glamorous and having a perfect shape to compete with any starlet in the B-town. Why friends? Don’t you think so?

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