What’s It that Creates hurdles in Sher khan?

On Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Sher Khan

Salman Khan desperate to get a Sher for ‘Sher Khan’.

Salman Khan, the superstar of B-town these days seems to have been much interested about a Tiger. But, this alternatively has become a sole cause of his brother’s worriness. But what to worry about this? The fact is; these biggies are not ready to compromise on any issues regarding the perfection of their projects. 

Ok, let’s make it bit clear. You must have heard about Ang Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’. There is a Bengal tiger in this movie, which has become a matter of worriness for Salman’s brother Sohail. According to the script of Sohail, a tiger has a big role in his upcoming ‘Sher Khan’, which undoubtedly stars his trump card brother Salman. In Sher Khan, the superstar has to make a journey across the seas along with a tiger. Salman has chosen the Bengal Tiger of ‘LOP’, after seeing the video footage of it.

These days, Salman is in the seventh heaven. He doesn’t want any factor to come along the road of his victory. Thus, he immediately called Sohail and showed him his choice. He suggested his brother to take a close look at the tiger in the movie and hunt for a similar one. As per the news, he even wanted to know from his brother, whether the tiger of his resembles the tiger of ‘LOP’ or not! Sohail knows his brother too well. He knows, once Sallu committed means, he won’t even listen to himself. Now there was no option for him other than convincing his brother.

Sohail assured Salman that there is no chance of thinking further till they have not got a tiger of ‘LOP’ class. It doesn’t matter, is it’s an animated one or a real one, but the class must be up to the mark. After all, the Sher of Sher Khan should be in accordance to the Tiger of Bollywood. As per the latest news, the movie has been paused for some moments. By the way, this ‘some moment’ is indefinite till now.

And you know about Bollywood! Anything can happen here. Even the animals play a big role in a movie’s success. The only thing we can say, ‘Come on Sohail, don’t be worried’. The technology has reached its ultimate step. A perfect Tiger will definitely be arranged to match up your brother’s choice. Most importantly, you have a brother like ‘Salman’. So, what to worry about?

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