What’s brewing between Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat?

On Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Are Sofia Hayat and Rohit Sharma in love?

The two are well-known celebrities and separately known for their self exposure. But, now both have been tied in a single rope to lure the eye-brows of many in the B-town! Do you wanna know why? Then get known that both are striding on a huge rom-com, to have fallen in love with each other! Though the duo is quite tight-lipped about their so-called affair, yet we hesitate not to ask what’s brewing between the two?

Yes, we are talking about the Indian cricket star Rohit Sharma and the British model-turned-actress Sofia Hayat, who are expected to have been in a love bond. But, at hand Rohit posted a picture in his micro-blogging site urging his fans that he is yet single!  ‘Guys please!!! Keep calm I am still single,’ he posted. Though we found not much response from Rohit’s side on this affair, yet the gloomy remarks of Sofia made us wink.

Ask her about her affair with Rohit and she says, “It is too early for me to disclose anything. I have been advised by my friends to keep my mouth shut on this issue for two weeks!” What does that mean? She only makes not anything clear ‘coz of her friends and no other reason is there! That means, really something is there going on secretly. Right?

When she was further poked on the issue she smiled and said, “Ask Rohit and tell me what he says. I will reveal it only then. “Ha ha ha……are you not trying to make a fool of us Sofia? Do you take us so much silly to believe in such futile remarks of yours? And we find not any reason, what the huge disparity your said two weeks is going to make?

Anyways, we have to wait for the next two weeks to get a clarified explanation on this love-saga. So friends, stay connected to us to get more enchanting on these duo new lovebirds.

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