What’s brewing between Imran and Sonakshi?

On Tuesday, July 31st, 2012


Imraan Khan and Sonakshi Sinha roped in Milan Luthria ‘s next.

You might get flabbergasted seeing the duo stars Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan roaming together in marketplaces, restaurants and other public places and ask yourself, what’s brewing between the two? But, don’t get surprised with their couple appearance, because they are just getting familiar to each other, before they start shooting for their upcoming movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again’.

In fact, this is the planning of director Millan Mathuria who wanted the duo stars to know each other well before they would start shooting for his upcoming flick. Reporting about this familiarity a source revealed, “The director Milan Luthria wants Imran and Sonakshi to open up as people and know each other better before the shooting begins. Thus the two are trying to catch up with each other whenever they can.”

However, both the actors felt the other one was a reserved person, on their first meet. Further added the source, “It was this confusion that Milan wanted both to do away with and thus the casual encounters. When Imran met Sonakshi, he just would not stop talking; and she was surprised to see this side of him. They got so engrossed in their conversation that Milan’s assistant had to actually intervene to give them more brief about the film.”

So guys! Just put a check to your further predictions considering about their …..! We hope, you can better understand!

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