What was the Initial Name of ‘Khiladi 786′?

On Monday, December 3rd, 2012

khiladi 786

‘Khiladi 786′ was earlier named as ‘Punjabi Rajinikanth’!

B-town Khiladi Akshay Kumar’s upcoming flick ‘Khiladi 786’ is creating huge sensation all around and the movie is already slated for this December release. But do you know, it’s not the real name of the movie? In fact, the movie was entitled something else initially. Bollywod music director Himesh Reshammiya who has also scripted the movie, had in fact thought of naming it ‘Punjabi Rajinikanth’ initially. But later, the name was changed by Akshay and his production coop.  

Informs a source, “The protagonist is a character jisko koi ek kharoch bhi nahin maar sakta. In a way, he’s invincible and can do wonders, just like Rajinikanth. The only difference is that he’s from the north.” Hearing the script, Akshay got so much impressed that he not only thought of producing the film, but acted in it too. But, simultaneously he decided to name it something else and eventually named it ‘Khiladi 786’.

Describing a few words about the suggestion of Akshay to change the title of the movie, Mr. Rakesh Upadyay, the creative producer of the movie said, “The content of the film is in keeping with the hero, who is a larger-than-life character. Akshay suggested that since he’s referred to as Khiladi — given his action hero image — and also, since the number, ’786′, is written alongside the destiny lines on the hand of his character, Bhaattar Singh, Khiladi 786 would be the most appropriate title for the movie.”

Directed by Ashish R Mohan, the movie stars the gorgeous babe Asin in the opposite lead and is about to hit the theaters this December 7.

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