What thinks Karishma about Bebo’s performance in Heorine?

On Monday, October 8th, 2012


Karishma Kapoor thinks her sister Kareena has come of age as an actress.

B-town actress and Kapoor beti Karishma Kapoor has always remained positive in thought about the career ladder of her dear sis Kareena. Before, we had seen her commenting in favor of Bebo concerning her recently released movie ‘Heroine’ and some sort of same response we have also seen again on her behalf for Kreena. Before, she had stated Heroine was going to be a turning point of Kareena’s career and she is yet firm in her words.

During a visit to Vadodara, the actress went overwhelmed saying “I think Kareena has really come of age as an actress! I had tears in my eyes while watching the last 20 minutes of Heroine and I think this is easily her best performance till date! She portrayed the vulnerability of a complex character beautifully.”

The actress was on a tour to Vadodara in order to inaugurate a women’s fitness studio there and was being waited by hundreds of fans for hours all together to have a glimpse of her. This was a great cause for the actress to rejoice and expressing her happiness she said, she is glad enough to have earned enough respect as an actress. And she gave the credit of this respect to her hard work and dedication.

However, the actress went candid while asked by reporters about the best phase of her career. Throwing a glance on the best part of her career she said, “Just like any other leading lady, I started off by playing all these glamorous roles-which are essential till you start getting meaningful characters to play. Talking of performances, I think Zubeidaa, Fiza and Raja Hindustani were my best on-screen portrayals.” However, she too forgot not to mention the role of the fun films like Biwi No. 1 in her career and stated working with David Dhawan was a great fun for her.

Talking about her fitness experience, the actress said that she is too fond of making yoga or going on in a morning walk, because it’s really good for health and as a normal fashion she wants to lose weight too. Even she poked little fun on those girl who remain insisted on using salad and nimboo pani to lose weight. There we really saw  the best part of a hilarious Karishma!

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