What thinks Emraan Hasmi about utilizing black magic in real life?

On Thursday, September 20th, 2012


Emraan Hasmi denies of practicing black magic in real life.

At hand got released the most talked about Emraan Hasmi, Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu starrer ‘Raaz 3’ to optimum response from the audience. While the movie has attracted everyone’s attraction for being the highest grosser for both Bipsaha and Emraan in one hand, on the other hand it mesmerized everyone with its unique story concept of black magic. The attempt of a degrading actress (Bipasha) to spoil the life and career of a budding starlet and her rival (Esha Gupta) with the help of black magic is really awesome.

But it’s all about reel life. Do you know ever black magic being used in real life? We hope you might or not! But, they say that some people also practice it in real life. But, let’s know what our hero thinks about the practice in real life. In a recent interview with a leading daily Emraan kept his view in sole against of the practice. When asked, if he would ever like to take help of black magic to achieve the target of life like his co-star Bipasha, the actor ended with an absolute no.

“I will work hard, but I will never go for black magic. I have taken many shortcuts in life, but I have never done this. I think black magic is great in terms of the film. In life, I know many people do black magic, but I don’t know how good it is,” he said. Yeah, we know he is absolutely right, ‘coz what we know such evil practices only help you meet your destruction and not assist you achieve your goal.

Emraan these days is considered as one of the fastest emerging stars of the industry with many back to back hits from his end. Of late, we had seen an outstanding Emraaan in his just a film before released movie Shanghai and in ‘Raaz 3’ we saw the more versatile part of his. Hence, we believe he has the capacity to achieve his target with hard word, but not black magic. Right guys?

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