What says Veena Malik about her upcoming flick?

On Thursday, September 20th, 2012


Veena Malik saucy photoshoot for her upcomiing flick ‘Supermodel’.

Few days ago, we had let you informed about the Pakistani actress Veena Malik who had declared not to leave India until she gets some good projects here. And now we are in news that she has bagged a good project namely Supermodel and this is going to be her upcoming flick. But you know what, the babe demands that the movie not only functions as per its title, rather includes some emotional touch too!

If we take a look at its title then it becomes obvious that the movie must be about exploring the glamour world. Giving bit hints about the concept of the movie, she said, “When it comes to the concept of ‘supermodel’, then it’s naturally lot of glamour, fashion and such things that come to your mind. Of course, I would say this is the requirement of the character, but when it comes to Supermodel, it is a complete entertaining film with all the essential elements.”

Apart, the actress made it evident that the movie also adds the taste of emotion to it. Having shot a raunchy photo-shoot for the movie on Sunday, Veena swore that the movie will add much more than glamour. “There is going to be lot of emotions in it. It is a fashion and glamour-related film, but you will also see a lot of emotions in it. So whatever the clothes I am wearing and the kind of look I am sporting, it is a part of the film and was required for the character,” she added further talking about her dress apparel in the movie and its story factor.

Well, we all know how best the sexy lass is in making justice to such characters and adding sugar to honey, her ex-beau Ashmit Patel is cast opposite her in the movie. Then what shall we expect from the coupe? Of course, some saucy scenes like her raunchy photoshoot. What say friends?

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