What says Sridevi about the present day film making strategies!

On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012


Sridevi shows her astonishment on the marvelous changes in the industry within a decade.

The B-town ace actress Sridevi is making a comeback into the industry after long twenty years interval with her upcoming film English Vinglish and the film is all set to hit the theaters on October 5 in India. Previous month, the movie made its world premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival to rave reviews by the global audience. In spite of all these, what is notable here to mention is the bewilderment that the actress expressed upon the insistent marketing strategies of the industry.

Recently, the actress expressed her panic on the issue in a promotional event of her upcoming movie saying, “Promotions are different experience altogether. It used to be just few magazines earlier in which we used to talk about the film. But today it’s quite scary, but I am really getting used to it and I have started enjoying it.” She also shows her surprise upon the lavish changes in the industry over the decade and says, “I was quite surprised with the improved technology, expert technicians and so many new things have come up.”

She also expressed her immense happiness on the arrangements at the set of English Vinglish and said that she quite enjoyed the shoot. However, she is too happy with the experimentation of the filmmakers on bold subjects. Talking about the variations and new adaptations in the subject matters of the movies, she said, “It feels really nice to see how so many new subjects and bold subjects are being picked up as people are willing to see something different. I am extremely happy to know that filmmakers are also ready to take chances.”

The movie features Sridevi in a middle class housewife character, who struggles to get released from the hush-up of her children by learning English.

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