What says Mukesh Bhatt about Bipasha’s act in ‘Raaz 3’?

On Saturday, September 8th, 2012


Bipasha Basu and Vidya Valan. Who is more talented?

Do you have watched the Vikram Bhatt’s 3D horror flick ‘Raaz 3’? If watched then there is nothing to say about Bipasha’s act in the movie. ‘Coz we have already told you earlier, how forcefully the babe has occupied the front name amongst the ‘Razz 3’ crew. Yes, this enormous act of Bipasha in the movie has given her the seat back that she had lost for sometimes all together, since her break off with her ex-beau John.

However, we are not the only ones appraising Bips for her wonderful act in the movie, but the legendary Bhatt Camp maestro Mukesh Bhatt keeps her comment in favor of the babe too! In an exclusive interview with a leading daily, Mr. Bhatt filled in sole appraise of the babe opinig that she has made a tremendous comeback into the industry. Also he went candid saying that Bipasha has stand up to the expectations recreating the magic of ‘Razz1’ in the second sequel.

“I was confident about the movie. Vikram Bhatt is a great director. Emraan Hashmi is a star, while Bipasha Basu recreates the magic of Raaz 1. I was not much worried about the revenue as I was confident about the content. When it comes to Bhatts we concentrate on content driven films,” he said.

Apart, he added sugar to honey saying that his little girl (Bips) snatched the elite position in the industry from the popular dirty girl Vidya Balan with her fabulous comeback in ‘Raaz 3’. When asked if Bipasha is about to give Vidya a brutal competition in the near future, he answered, “Bipasha takes over her. Bipasha looks fresher and younger in the movie. I say it with all due respect to Vidya.”

Well, now we have to see how Vidya reacts to this comment of Mr. Bhatt? If she accepts him or goes on saying ‘picture abhi baki he mere dost”!

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