What Salman thinks of Those Who Call Him Bhai?

On Thursday, November 29th, 2012

salman khan

Salman thinks those all idiots who call him ‘Bhai’!

Bollywood superstar Salman khan: the hunk is best known in the industry with three names, Salman, Bhai or Sallu. And wethinks, the most popular name that identifies him is Bhai. Right? Then what you think must be the response of Salman on such address of his fans? Don’t you think he must be loving it? You must, we know.

But, you will be surprised to know that the superstar doesn’t accept such calling of his fans and says those who call him bhai are simply idiots. What! Idiots? Did we hear right? Yes, absolutely right. And Salman himself said so in an interview with a leading daily. Talking to the reporters he said, “All sorts of idiots call me that. Even rank strangers. Not everyone has the right to call me bhai.”

You might get shocked with such terms of Bhai and must think what sort of reaction is this? And how come someone be an idiot, calling his favourite superstar an idiot! Matter may somehow fly over your head like a wild goose. Right? But don’t get worried, as the superstar gives appropriate reason for that. According to him, he simply loves it when the kids call him, ‘Aye Salman how you doing…Mr Khan… oye Salman Khan”.

But he confesses, he can never accept the words when someone calls him ‘Bhai’, as he thinks they are faking it. And he also confirms that he just hates when some people call him Sallu. “I hate it when some people call me Sallu. But when they call me that out of love, it shows. It’s the tone that matters,” says Salman.  Apart, he says that his duo brothers Arbaaz and Sohail have only the right to call him Bhai and no one else have.

Then what does the actor likes people to call him? Of course, Slaman! So, guys get vigilant and stop calling Salman Bhai, else you might be the victim of Bhai’s…….sorry……Salman’s outrage. Understand? You better understand. 

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