What Priyanka Chopra says about Kareena and Saif?

On Friday, September 14th, 2012


Priyanka Chopra looks ahead for Kareena and Saif’s marriage!

Sometimes before, we had informed you about the attempt of Bollywood fashion girl Kareena Kapoor to end up all her controversies with Priyanka Chopra, saying that she is a big fan of her and since we were on wait to see the reaction of PeeCee reacts on this statement of Bebo. But as expected, some same and awe-inspiring response has come from the later ’s side.

It’s so because of late, the dear Piggy Chops declared that Saif and Kareena make a wonderful couple and that she is looking forward to their marriage! Talking to reporters Priyanka said, “It is a beautiful thing that she is getting married. I feel it is the most beautiful beginning of a new journey. To me Saif and Kareena make a wonderful lovable couple. I am looking forward to their marriage.”

For some days, nothing was going on fine between the two actresses owing to a criticism of Kareena on Priyanka’s accent on KJo’s chat show ‘Coffee With Karan’, which was also brutally retorted by PeeCee. But now everything seems to be getting fine. Seems, this is the effect of the two big honchos of the tinsel town Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. If you can recollect, the two superstars had decided to bury their hostility few days ago.

Well, the two actresses must have got inspired by them and we think everything is getting fine in Bollywood too. However, PeeCee also got candid talking of her marriage in the interview. Being asked about her marriage plans she said, “Since the age of four I have been waiting to get married. I am ready for it. My mom, dad are also ready but the only problem is I am not getting a good guy.”

Of course, we know not when Priyanka is going to get her Mr. Right, but it’s a truth that she will of course encourage her buddy Kareena to tie the knot soon with her (Kareena’s) Mr. Right. Right friends?

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