What Mallika thinks of the term marriage!

On Friday, September 28th, 2012


Mallika Sherawat considers marriage so outdated!

Mallika Sherawat, the name is well-known in this country, no matter what age group he/she belongs to! Right friends? And there is also nothing to state why. Of course, for her bold image! She is far best known in the industry as a hot and nonchalant babe than a successful actress. Whenever matter comes to social limits, we have always seen her getting eloquent and hard hatred. We know not what is the cause behind this! But, what we guess she bears some unusual controversy with the social entities.

However, the actress at hand too pushed the envelope on one more major social issue marriage. Conversing with reporters on this sensitive issue, she made a statement that left us dumbstruck. Do you know what this sexy lass said ?  “I don’t think I will ever get married. I am busy shooting, I travel a lot. I never thought about marriage. I think getting married is so outdated,” she said. Loll! We had never expected something such from her.

In a country like India, marriage is a very sensuous affair and such kind of statement of course raises many eyebrows. It’s out of our notion, if Mallika made an accurate avowal or the account was just to grab the limelight. But, undoubtedly it has turned a public issue.

However, during talks we were anyhow capable to deduce the cause of her conceit on the social issues. Prioritizing on her own familiar background and leaning the issue towards the rights of women, again she said, “I come from a conservative family. Girls are deprived of many things. They should be given equal freedom and I believe in supporting them.”

Nice Mallika! We know not exactly what family background you belong to, but we know this much at least, a conservative family in India will never consider ‘getting married an outdated affair.’ Right guys?

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