What makes Esha Gupta go nude?

On Saturday, September 1st, 2012


Esha Gupta goes nude in ‘Raaz 3′!

The B-town newbie Esha Gupta who initiated her career in Bollywood with the movie ‘Janat 2’ has just climbed up a few steps of her acting career, yet has achieved a lot to boast. While the babe is all set with her second venture ‘Raaz 3’ directed and produced by the Bhatts, we are in news that the babe has gone with some more dare-bare act in this upcoming flick of her.

Then you must be in awe that what dare-bare act we do talk of? We would like to inform you that Esha is in news to have gone nude in a scene in ‘Raaz 3’ where she is been chased by creepy insects. Of course, Esha was initially in vacillation for taking such a bold step in the prime stage of her career, yet she performed the act being inspired and consoled by co-actress Bipasha Basu and director Vikram Bhatt.

Though Bips and Esha play arch rivals on screen in the movie, but reportedly they maintained a very good affair off screen and even at instances Bips seemed much warm and nice to Esha. However, Esha also proved much professional in her attitude during the shoot of the film and talking to a daily she said recently, “What is the point of being an actor if you have such reservations? You might as well wear a sari and sit at home.”

Wow! Kya baat! That’s called dedication and professionalism. We hope other B-town actresses must learn something from this newbie. Well, she has proved her skill off-screen, but now it’s to be seen how much she makes justice to her character onscreen! What you think guys? Will she stand up to the expectations?

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