What makes Bipasha organize a Marathon Event?

On Friday, October 12th, 2012

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu to organize a marathon event!

Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu is best known in the industry for her damn hot stature and you might hardly forget to add the tag sexy to her name, whenever she comes to a point of discussion. Right? Then, do you know what’s her fitness secret is? Of course, hitting to the gym on a regular basis and maintaining perfect diet. You must have also seen her making people aware of health and fitness through some of her commercials like healthy digestive biscuits and sugar free juice.

Whatever! But, of late the health conscious babe has come up with a new fitness funda that will definitely assist people to shed their extra kilos and interestingly, she is going to shape it in a more appealing way. In fact, we come to hear that Bips is going to launch a new fitness DVD and hence has decided to introduce her DVD and promote it simultaneously, after arranging a marathon event. Not a bad idea! In this way, she not only will make people aware about the essentiality of healthy bod, but will set up her business in an ideal way.

And what we suspect, the Bong gal is so much enthused to organize the marathon only from the lavish praise and support that she received at the Delhi marathon recently. No venue has been decided yet for the marathon, but is supposed to get declared soon. So, let her go in her way! I mean, let her be hectic in the preparations and within that time we shall get ready to see the hottie on the marathon line! What say?

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