What made Rani Mukerjee undergo training in belly dance?

On Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


Rani Mukerje in a raunchy dance move in her upcoming flick ‘Aiyyaa’!

Following the tremendous success of the biggest blockbuster of the year ‘The Dirty Picture,’ while many filmmakers have eyed on some pertinent story concept to grab the initial attention of the viewers in the industry, at one fell swoop the other high-flying B-town starlets also remain not back in the race to assume some Dirty Vidya style! Yes, it’s a truth! Rather, we hope the raunchy dance moves of Vidya in The Dirty Picture have enthralled many Bollywood actresses to create some Vidya Balan sensation in their movies too.

Instances are many. But to give the most recent one is Bollywood ki Rani, Rani Mukerjee’s upcoming flick Aiyyaa, in which the actress is going to be seen in a sultry outlook with some really raunchy dance moves. Even we are in news, if the babe has trained herself specifically in belly dancing for her latest track Aga Bai in her forthcoming flick. It’s said that the dance moves the actress has given in this latest track is really worth-watching. I mean they are truly sensual in their makeup.  

However, music director Amit Trivedi says that the three songs composed with three different flavors in the movie represent the fantasies of a middle-class Maharashtrian girl (played by Rani) who possesses her own dreams and wishes and the songs also render her fantasies. Giving slight hints about Rani’s outlook on the songs, Amit says, “She gave her inputs and took keen interest in the songs. The songs have caught up in a big way.”

Well, co-producer of the movie Anurag Kashyap also feels quite awe-inspiring with the response of the songs. “The response has been outstanding. Rani worked four months without a break on the three songs. The result is there for all to see,” he says.

But ask Rani what she thinks about the song and she says, “Aiyyaa has one of the best music tracks in recent times. The beauty of the album is the fact that no two songs are similar. And the choreography is world-class. Vaibhavi Merchant told me that it was a challenge for her to choreograph the various songs and she also felt that I had never worked harder than I have, to give each dance the required gusto.”

Well, while the movie is already slated for October 12 release, so many speculations concerning the raunchy dance moves of Rani in the three songs Dreamum Wakeupum, a lavani and Aga Bai of the movie make us look for a first day and first show in the nearest theater. But, what you look for friends?  

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