What made Emraan step away from the Bhatt Camp?

On Saturday, September 8th, 2012


Emraan Hashmi stepped away from the Bhatts!

It’s almost 9 years when the B-town actor Emraan Hasmi stepped into the industry and since then he has been loyal to the Bhatt camp. But, now the serial kisser declares to have stepped away the Bhatt Camp, not because he has any fall down with them, but he wants to grow as an actor! Then what you deduce from such remark of Hasmi? Was he not an actor while working with the Bhatts? Ahem Ahem! What the Bhatts will think of this?

In relation he is the nephew of producers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt and the which relation we think created a problem for him to establish himself as an actor. As a Bhatt guy, he has worked in numerous Bahtt camp projects including  “Footpath”, “Murder”, “Zeher” “Gangster”, “Awarapan”, and “Jannat” etc to name a few.  Though these movies had made him achieve the tile of ‘Serial Kisser’ but couldn’t give him the whole lot that what he might have expected as a successful actor, we think. That’s why he took such decision to leave the Bhatt camp.

In a recent interview he told, “It was a conscious decision to step away from Bhatt camp. I did not do it because a lot was being said that I work only for the Bhatts. I wanted to grow as an actor and that is why did films like ‘Shanghai’, ‘The Dirty Picture’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai’,’Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’. He went too candid while expressing his hidden desire that he wanted to play different characters with different people out of the Bhatt camp and assume different viewpoints from this know-how. That’s not bad Eamraan. Of course, it was a good decision.

And this is why perhaps the actor has fortified a bit in his career schedule now and has attracted the attention of reputed producers and directors. Talking about the Bollywood trend of hiring actors, Emraan says, “No one can argue with box office. Once you start showing result, people start endorsing your work, they start believing in you. They know that public is going to come to the hall and watch this actor if the film is good. That reinforces a faith in you.”

Well said man! You are too apt in your consideration and so your hopes will bear fruit we think. All the best!

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