What made Big B enwrap in tears?

On Tuesday, September 25th, 2012


Big B shed tears for what?

We all know about Sridevi’s upcoming flick English Vinglish in which the diva is making a comeback after long fifteen years. When many speculations are going on in the industry concerning the reappearance of the ace actress on the big screen again after such a long duration,  the script and the concept of the movie in chorus have forced many to conjecture; perhaps it’s going to be a tremendous one.

Leave of others, our very Big B Amitabh Bachchan also considers this directorial debut of Gauri Shinde to be a magnificent one and even he confesses that the very concept of the movie not only moved him a lot, but also made him cry! Yes, we are telling a truth. The megastar himself expressed so in his micro-blogging site saying, “A viewing of ‘English Vinglish’ directed by Gauri Shinde, wife of R Balki tonight, leaves me with collective lumps in the throat and a surge of flushed eyes near the tear ducts.”

Being overwhelmed with the moving strictures of the flick Amitabh added further, “And it is not all the emotion of a particular moment that puts one in such state. It is the uncontrollable effect of appreciation that prevents one from expressing any at all…”

Now guys, you can better imagine how versatile the story concept must have been that enforced the living legend to shed tears. However, we have also before informed you that Big B himself is doing a cameo in the movie and storyline of the movie revolves around the struggle of a middleclass housewife who tries to learn English to please her husband and family. And that’s what Big B tries to name as the true story of a lifetime.

Conversely, the movie is also considered to be touching the run of the mill of everyday life that work as the sympathetic cord to move anyone in its periphery. Well, we can’t ignore the idea, ‘coz what we guess Amitabh is much ideal to his negotiations. We have also before got many positive adherence of the script and wethinks this opinion of Big B will more engulf the Sridevi fans in a more assiduous way to kill time for their beloved actress’ upcoming flick! Right readers?

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