What made Akshay get emotional?

On Thursday, September 27th, 2012


Akshay Kumar gets overwhelmed with emotion taking his new born for the first time in his hands.

We have told you earlier that the one and only Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood turned proud papa on Tuesday morning, after his wife Twinkle gave birth to their second tiny tot (a baby girl) in a suburban hospital in South Mumbai. The moment was somehow exceptional for the actor as he reached by his wife’s side in the hospital instantly, leaving all his professional to-do list behind and attending both the child and her mother. But, we could hardly mark that bewailed emotion neither on his face nor in his words on that day, what we marked from a tweet of his twitter page today.

What we guessed from the tweet, the actor must have gone astray in emotion for some moments, when for the first time he would have taken his new born in hand. Expressing the intensity of his buffering emotion he posted in his twitter page, “There is no greater feeling in life than holding your baby for the first time. I wish I could express more about how HAPPY I am right now, but I’m at a loss of words.”

Yeah, we can understand what can be the feelings of a father when he takes his child for the first time in his arms! Of course, it’s a matter of sense and not words. However, the actor too feels that he has not been able to repay adequate thanks to the galore of wishes that he gets from his well wishers and hence added further, “I must thank you all for your love during this special time in my life – Proud Papa.”

This is the second child of the proud parents (Akshay and Twinkle) and they already have a 10 years old son Aarav beforehand. Well, we wish the tiny tot bring their home luck in abundance and make their life all the way calm, quiet and peaceful.

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