What Kareena thinks about her future post marriage?

On Thursday, September 13th, 2012


Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor.

Though, busy bee of the B-town Kareena Kapoor remains tight-lipped about the date of her marriage, but at hand she uttered a few words about her post marriage reputation and title in the industry. Generally it so happens that there comes a decline in the career mark of the stars in the industry following their marriage. That’s why many speculations are going on a propos the effect of Kareena’s marriage on her career.    

But seems, Bebo is too firm about her versatility in the B-town and hence feels free to declare that her superstardom will never get erased from the industry even after her marriage, regardless of her acceptance or decline to any number of films. And we don’t think it’s essential to let you explain why, ‘coz you know better!

Giving flash to her expected ‘to get sustained for ever versatility’ in Bollywood, Bebo said, “Saif doesn’t want me to change anything about myself, including my name, after marriage. Post marriage I will be Kareena Kapoor Khan. That means I have the privilege of having two of the most powerful surnames in Bollywood attached to my name.”

Wethinks she is right! While her powerful act has already made her famed as a numero uno actress of the B-town, add-on of one more hunk’s surname will of course make her repute multiple. Don’t you think so guys? After all, her signature also will be transferred to KKK from kk. “My signature will have a triple K — KKK, ” she added further getting naughty.

One thing we must let you know here that K is considered as a propitious alphabet and while Kareena by now has gathered so much popularity with her KK signature , we are look further to see what more plenty fortune does the signature KKK pours in her bag! Any comments?

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