What does Sonakshi Sinha Prioritize on?

On Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

sonakshi sinha

Sonakshi Sinha chooses her films by character and not by dress!

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is a popular face in the industry. But, she has always remained in controversy owing to her dress code and character parts in movies. So far, we have seen the babe only in village belle and desi gal avatars in the movies “Dabangg” and “Rowdy Rathore” respectively and her forthcoming movie ‘Son Of Sardaar’ too features her as a complete Punjabi kudi. But, we have never seen her in the fashion genre yet.

And this is what drawing her into controversy and many in the B-town opine often that Sonakshi chooses her roles on the basis of her look in the film. But, she simply refutes the allegation saying, “I don’t choose my roles based on what my character will wear. The roles that I have chosen till date, I have liked the characters and situations of the film. If I get to play a character who will wear western clothes and if I am comfortable, I will do it.”

Before also, Sonakshi had raised many eye-brows opining that she will never wear a bikini and that she is quite ok with her desi gal avatars. But now the lass have changed a bit in her notions, and talks wise. “So far people have appreciated me like this (desi avatar)… I am doing a lot of similar roles after this as well. But, of course, if I get the chance, I would want to play different roles as well,” she says.

Well, she is too talented we know. But, if she can really cope with a most fervent and avant-garde kind of character is still in our suspicion. But, what you think guys? Can she?

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