What Anita says about her affair with Rajesh Khanna?

On Saturday, September 1st, 2012


Rajesh Khanna with Anita Advani.

The veteran actor and Bollywood legend Rajesh Khanna passed away on 18th July leaving many to wail behind, but simultaneously created some controversies also. The prevalent storm cropping up these days following his death is related to the legal testament that he created just a month prior to his death in which he has equally dispersed all his property in between his two daughters Twinkle Khanna Kumar and Rinke Khanna Saran, but has left nothing for his so-called wife Anita Advani!

Now you can imagine, what must have been the reaction of Anita on the issue. Earlier we had also heard her sending a legal notice to Kaka’s family members just a day before his death asking them not to debar her from Kaka’s property.  And now when she is completely bared by Kaka from his property, the lady is resolute enough to fight for her right. “I will fight for what is my right,” she says.

Reportedly, Anita was living with Kaka for more than eight years in a live-in-relationship and being asked about her exact relation with Kaka when he died, she replied, “I call myself his surrogate wife. I have lived-in with him at Aashirwad for around eight years. During this period, I took care of him like a wife would.”  And when asked why Kakaji didn’t acknowledge her publicly then, she got ferocious and answered that there is nothing to acknowledge as she has done a lot for him and everyone knows that. But, do you think it’s enough a cause to assign that she deserves a share  from his property?

Not exactly. We know not how Anita is going to prove that she was in a live-in-relationship with Kaka while the actor himself has not mentioned her name as as one of his legal heirs! However, everything will get clarified after the issue comes into the legal court. But, now it’s to be seen how Anita manages to get her rights back after confronting the Khannas in the legal court! Stay connected to get more on the issue.

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