What Aman Varma thinks of Sunny Leon?

On Friday, August 31st, 2012


Aman Verma thinks Sunny Leon is a bad example for Indian girls!

The reputed Indian television actor Aman Varma coherently blamed the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon saying that she is a bad example for our girls. What does that mean? Is Sunny trying to entrap our girls to start a porn career in order to fit into the shoes of an actress? Might be! 

In fact, he expressed this in a recent interview with a leading daily. Talking to the reporters Aman conveyed, “Indian people are very tolerant anyway. Is desh me sab kuch chalta hai. Jab vo ek pornstar ko actress ke taur pe accept kar sakte hain to ek kiss to mamooli baat hai yaar. In fact, what I’m more worried about is the bad example it has presented, that of girls becoming pornstars first, in their way to become an actress.” Ahem ahem!

Is it really true? But, we haven’t got an instance yet. However, the actor definitely bears some innate love for the legitimacy of the TV industry that makes him evoke his response in such a way. He went more adamant with the term ‘rising sleaze factor’ during the conversation that made him express awe on the issue.

Being defensive about the Indian TV industry, he said, “Dekhiye, TV pe jo khuch bhi dikhaya jata hai uska pehle pura survey hota hai. The producers conduct a survey and ask people if they want to see a particular twist in the serial or not. Only then they include the changes, based on the responses they get.”

Then what shall we deduce from such spat of Aman? Is it that the actor trying to infer a disparity between the Indian television and film industry or is he really trying to emphasize the fact that characterization of Sunny in the Indian movies have paved the way for young aspirants to start a porn career? What you think friends?

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