What Ajay Devgan thinks of acting in Telugu Cinema?

On Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Ajay Devgan is open for South Indian films!

B-town actor Ajaya Devgan is about the hit the theaters this Diwali with his controversial film Son Of Sardaar and now the actor has started pondering over the idea to step into the Southern cinema. He too shows intense interest on the issue saying, why would he not like to do a film in the Southern films, if the script is magnificent one?  That means he is open to do Sothern films. Right?

Ajay’s upcoming flick SOS is a remake version of the original Telugu film Maryada Ramanna directed by South director S.S. Rajamoul and the actor thinks it wise to work with the director in the upcoming days, if he finds the opportunity. But simultaneously considers the language a great barrier. “It’s just that I don’t know the language and it will take me a lot of time to. But if there is something fabulous then, why not,” he said.

Casting bit light upon the sidelines of an upcoming Hindi filmMakkhi’, which is the dubbed version of Rajamouli’s “Eega”, the actor expressed of lending his voice for the aperture sequence of the film and supposedly, Kajol also has delivered her voice. Also the movie is going to feature an equivalent stunt that Ajay has given in his movie SOS, after balancing on two horses. In the dubbed version, we shall see the protagonist giving the same stunt balancing on two flies.

Besides, Ajay defines remaking of movies as a reciprocal correlation between Bollywood and southern cinema. Confirming his terms, he said, “It’s not like I have deliberately thought about it. But this is a continuous thing. If there is a good Hindi film, it is remade in south and if we like a south film, then we buy the rights and make it in Hindi. I think this exchange will always go on.”

Well, he is a reputed Bollywood actor and his wish to step into the Southern industry is of course a great windfall for the South directors. So, let’s see; who is the lucky champ in South to sign the hunk in his next!

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