Vikram Bhatt’s Holiday drift!

On Monday, September 3rd, 2012


Vikram Bhatt to go on a holiday trip with family.

Bollywood ace director Vikram Bhatt is all set to fly to London and Scotland on a holiday trip with his estranged wife and darling daughter. The world knows that the director Vikram Bhatt had broken up with his wife Aditi in 1998 due to unknown reasons. But now he has again decided to spend some time together with his ex-wife in a distant land only because of his dear daughter Krishna.

Reportedly, Krishna who just turned 18 urged her father to take her on a holiday tour with her mother as she has never been in one with both of them. And she being his beloved, Mr. Bhatt one couldn’t deny her words. Though both Aditi and He has left their past long back, yet the duo got agreed soon to fill the wish of their dear daughter. Hence, the three will now take a two-weeks break to London and Scotland starting on September 18.

Ask Vikram why he chose London as the holiday spot and he replies instantly, “We chose London as at this time, a lot of new shows come up at Broadway. I want to see them with my daughter.” Well, it’s really great to see an estranged couple getting united again to fill the wish of their daughter. Don’t you think so guys?

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