What says Vikram Bhatt about his affair with Ameesha Patel?

On Saturday, September 8th, 2012


Vikram Bhatt denies to have love affair with Amisha Patel!

Who knows not about the so-called Vikram Bhatt-Ameesha Patel love affair in the B-town? It’s as reputed as a budding love-saga and they are yet supposed to be in love prate. The affair started exactly his post break off with wife Aditi and the duo was also for sometime in news to have married each other. But you know what exactly Vikram Bhatt says about his affair with Ameesha? He simply restricts the affair to friendship and says that there is nothing in between them beyond friendship. What? How is it possible? Let’s see.

He confirmed the issue recently in an exclusive interview with TOI. Talking to the reporters of TOI, Mr. Bhatt said, “I don’t think we ever loved each other. Ameesha had problems of her own with her parents and we both shared a period of our lives where we were going through a low phase in our career. We now realise that actually we were just good friends who mistook it for love. We still remain friends. She is a lovely girl and I only wish good things for her.”

While asked, if his just released 3D horror flick is ‘Raaz 3’ is picturized on the real life story of Ameesha, he went straight. I mean he simply ignored the matter saying that though the movie picturizes some know-how of his own life, but it’s no way linked to Ameehsa. “Both Ameesha and I have been in a relationship at a time which was a low phase for the both of us even though she was doing better than I was. I have seen her pain at that time. As a director I have obviously drawn insights from my life, but the film is certainly not about her,’ he added further.

We know not exactly if he is true to his remarks. But, the honesty he showed while keeping his remarks makes us believe that he might be right! But, what you think guys? Is he true to his opinions? Or just trying to make a trap for the fools?

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