Vidya Balan is the most stylish babe in the B-town!

On Friday, August 10th, 2012


Anushka Sharma admires Vidya Balan to be most stylish!

Hey guys! What will you answer if we ask, who is the most stylish babe of the B-town? You might skip over a few brand names like Katrina, Deepika or Pigy Chops! But how you will behave if we say it’s undoubtedly the dirty girl Vidya? We know your eye lips will gape wide open in bewilderment! Or you might think we have lost our senses. But, you will be shocked to know that the Band Baaja Baaraat gal notes so in sole appreciation of Vidya!

Giving some back to back hits like Ishqiya, Paa, The Dirty Picture and Kahaani, the voluptuous babe has of course made a tremendous comeback into the industry and also has turned a pin-up gal for everyone. Whilst, she has gathered rave reviews for her electrifying act, in chorus has undergone some sheer censure too for her lack of fashion sense. But, it’s exciting to see someone truly valuing her fashion sense. Wow! What an idea!

Of late, Anushka in an interview highly admired Vidya for her fashion sagacity and said, “She knows who she is and she will wear clothes that suit her!” Ohh, it’s really hard to assimilate because what we know, the babe is always much insistent in her favorite piece of clothing, the sari and loves to hide her curves in the Indian attire. Then how she gets the rank of most stylish babe of the B-town!

However, yet we are in doubt if Anushka was really appreciating Vidya or was just poking fun at the ‘Dirty Girl’ babe to let her know truly what’s her style sense! We think you can better slot in!

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