Versha Bhosle committed Suicide with Ashaji’s pistol!

On Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Varsha Bhosle

Varsha Bhosle

Couple of days before, we had informed you that legendary B-town singer Asha Bhosle’s beloved daughter Verhsa, who committed suicide by firing two rounds on her head. The police neither could get any suicide note from the spot, nor could make out from where Vesha got the gun to kill herself! While many speculations were rife on the issue, but the actual truth got revealed by Ashaji herself recently.

In fact, the pistol that Versha used to kill herself belonged to Ashaji and she herself confessed it before the police, the previous evening. As per the reports, Ashaji had lost the gun almost 30 years ago and its license had even been revoked too.  Giving brief details on Ashaji’s confession, Gamdevi senior police inspector Pradip Lonandkar said, Asha had informed about the weapon missing from her Peddar Road house 30 years ago to the police wing concerned and subsequently her license had been revoked.”

Versha committed suicide in their Peddar Road residence on 8th October, at 13.20 pm using a Belgian-make 0.6 calibre pistol and her body was found lying on the sofa. Answering a question that from where Versha got the pistol, another police officer said, “There are many unanswered questions. Had Varsha hidden the pistol following which an unaware Asha lodged missing firearm complaint 30 years ago? If it was so, why Varsha wanted the weapon? Or Varsha caught hold of the weapon recently? These are the questions in our mind.”

As per the recent proceedings, the police have recorded the statements of Varsha’s Aunt Usha Mangeshkar, relative Rachna Shah, driver Vijay Nakashe and housemaid Deepali Mane. And what the police reveals, Versha was in severe depression and was under the treatment of some Pune based doctors. The gun used for committing suicide has been recovered from the spot and as per the reports, magazine of the pistol yet carries four bullets.

Investigation is going on and many further details are expected to come into light. Keep in contact with us to get the latest updates on the issue.

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