Venna Malik’s admirer list increases by a point.

On Tuesday, June 12th, 2012


Raja Choudhuri wants to marry Veena Malik!

It seems, the Pakistani actress Veena Malik is on a process of strengthening her footsteps in Bollywood. The babe has a long list of admirers before and one more name has been added in the list at hand. And he is none other than the controversial television actor and Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband Raja Chowdhury. Raja warped one more controversy in the B-town after haranguing that he wants to marry the Pakistani item girl!

Raja was so much drenched in sole appreciation of the Pakistani actress that he remarked, he would not mind to be called as Raja amalik. “Raja was so smitten by Veena that he said he wants to marry her. Not only that, the Bhojpuri actor was so carried away that he said he wants to be known as Raja Malik,” informed a source. This was only the music launch of Veena’s Bollywood debut “Dal Me Kuchh Kala Hai,” where Raja confessed his love for her after watching the two item songs she has performed in the movie. Now, it really seems ki dal me kuchh kala jarur hai.

Anyways, the latak jhatak moves of Veena not only moved Raja, but stole the heart of many other celebrities who were invited to the launch. Among them, Shakti Kapoor was the one who could not stop himself kissing the babe in order to appreciate her! Just imagine guys, what conditions the sexy girl must have gone through having got so much appreciation. She must have reached the “Elysian Gardens”!

Well, how Veena will meet Raja’s offer is yet in conscience, but it’s a must, the lady is enjoying the whole limelight, the meanwhile!

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