Akshay’s wife Twinkle Khanna to see Oh My God!

On Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Akshay Kumar waiting for wife Twinkle to watch ‘Oh My God’.

All of us know, of late got released the much talked about Akshay Kumar starrer movie OMG!Oh My God and it’s doing well in the box office too. Akshay, who has just turned a proud papa is much happy after getting anticipated success from the movie, but yet is waiting for something else. But what? He is waiting his wife Twinkle to watch the movie at theaters.

Ensuring the issue Akshay told a leading daily, “My whole family has seen the play earlier and everybody is a huge fan of this play and that is when I decided to buy the rights and make the film. I am waiting for my wife to watch the film.” ‘Coz Twinkle has recently given birth to a baby girl; she is not in a condition to visit the theatres. But, will soon visit to watch the movie.

Making the matter more clear Akshay said, he wants not Twinkle to watch the movie on a DVD and hence is waiting her to get well soon so that she can watch it at the theaters. Oh My God is a remake of the original Gujurati play Kanji Virrudh Kanji starring co-producer of the movie, Paresh Rawal in lead cast. At hand, the movie is running well in the BO and also has gathered rave reviews.

However, Paresh is too happy that the movie made with the purpose is gaining momentum. Defining the success of OMG, Paresh told to reporters, “We didn’t make this film for money. We have made this film so that the right message gets across the audience, so that there is some change in the thinking of the audience. I am glad that this awareness and message has been spread widely. The money that is coming is just a bonus.”

Nice really! We also wish the movie make it big in the BO and in chorus expect Twinkle to get well soon and visit the theatres to watch Akshay’s dream project there.

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