Toilet humour is not my style: Pooja Bhatt

On Wednesday, July 25th, 2012


Pooja Bhatt prefers not toilet humour.

The actress-turned-director Pooja Bhatt likes to show things natural and hence hesitates not to show boldness the way it is. You might get bit confused, what actually we wanna say? But it’s a truth. Let’s make it clear.

The Bhatt Camp is going to present their boldest hit ever ‘Jism 2’ this August and director of the movie Pooja Bhatt is much excited about this. She openly declares to show boldness as it is, with no double-meaning and no toilet humour.

Recently in an interview with IANS, she said, “An average film is made from a male perspective and designed for a male audience, but I am going to show pure, unadulterated sensuality, designed by adults and for adults.”

Talking about her style and liability she further added, “Toilet humour is not my style and what I wish to do. I leave the double-meaning and toilet humour to other filmmakers to do.”

Pooja did her directorial debut in the year 2004 with ‘Paap’ starring John Abraham and Udita Goswami and soon came up with a number of Bollywood hits like “Holiday”, “Dhokha”, “Kajraa Re” and at present Jism 2“.

‘Jism 2’ is a sequel to the 2003 original ‘Jism’, starring John Abraham and Bipasha Basu and the sequel is a much talked movie that features the Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon, Arunodaya Singh, and Randeep Hooda. The movie is supposed to be a sensational hit of the year and is specially meant for the adults. At hand, it is even given an A-certificate by the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification).

Chatting about her movie (Jism 2) sensibilities, Pooja says, “It’s an adult film for adult sensibilities. The adult audience is a sizeable number and it is big enough for my film.”

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