What is the story behind the House used in Bhoot returns?

On Saturday, September 15th, 2012


A real hunted house for RGV’s ‘Bhoot Returns’!

Of late, we have come to know a real story about the house i.e. used for shooting Ram Gopal Verma’s upcoming flick Bhoot returns. In fact, the news sent chill down our spines when we came to hear about it for the first time. Reports pass on, if the house used for the shooting purpose in the movie is a real hunted one! Shhhhh….. koi heDar ayana?

Secret behind the house came to the limelight when some of the scenes of the movie were being shot there. While most of the shooting works were going on at night, the house gave a weird feel. That made RGV break his silence and unveil the mystery before others.

What said RGV, the real owner of the house had committed suicide in the house and the current owner of the hours had handed it over to him for shooting with a condition, not to reveal the address of the house before media or in the movie. After knowing the truth, the cast and crew got alerted and were staying in group during the night shoots. Though the house did nothing evil, yet it was the eerie feel that made others often shake with fear.

Confirming the news RGV said to media, “We got to know the house has a history after we started shooting for the movie. The cast and crew did get a little spooked and scared when they came to know that someone had committed suicide in that house. I for myself was too busy trying to scare so never got time to get scared myself.”

Well, when the movie is being shot in a real hunted house, we also look ahead to see how much it spook the audience inside the four walls! If more than ‘Hunted’ or ’1920′! What say?

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