The Magic of Sridevi: ‘English Vinglish’ Rocks!

On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012


Sridevi in English Vinglish.

Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish is busy doing miracles one after another, post its launch and you have really apt reason to cast your eyes on it. Before launch, the movie was in huge talks owing to its star cast and script and later it started sprinkling its amazing karishma on the spectators all around. The movie, revolved around the storyline of a Mumbai based housewife (played by Sridevi) who struggles hard to overawe the language barrier by learning English, has put strong impact on many girls and housewives in real life to come a step ahead, and learn English! Is not it amazing?

Before we had let you know, how a model Aeshra Patel from the outskirts of Vadodara had got the touch of her real life from Sridevi’s character in the movie and recently we have come to hear that the amazing performance of the actress has inspired Bihar’s college-going Dalit girls to come a step ahead in order to overcome this language problem. Girls from varied colleges in Patna and adjacent towns of Bihar have watched the film and are aggravated for improving their spoken English.

Well, that’s no less than a miracle! Right? And how can anyone imagine that a movie can so vehemently affect others in real life that they hesitate not to choose the filmy way! Of course, it’s the impact of the legendary actress. However, giving bit info about the aggravation of the Dalit girls, said a source, “It’s not just housewives. Young unmarried college-going girls feel the same sense of inferiority that Sridevi experiences in English Vinglish because of a lack of fluency in English. They are coming forward in huge numbers to see the film and going back with the determination to join English-improvement classes.”

Wow! Simply amazing! Just imagine, what the actress must be feeling seeing such huge response to her character part in the movie. Undoubtedly, he is damn ecstatic on the issue and expresses her happiness saying, “To see our film make such an impact makes me happier about its success. This is the real success of English Vinglish.”

So, it’s your turn I think. That if you have not watched the movie yet, you must plunge into your nearest theatre and watch the movie once at least! What say, guys?

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