The Vanished Hands of Death Incarcerated tiny Tot Taruni Sachdev’s Life

On Tuesday, May 15th, 2012


The Indian Child actor Taruni Sachdev passes away!

The most talented and dear to all Indian child actor Taruni Sachdev is no more! Can you believe it? But it’s a truth. The beautiful tiny toddler passed away yesterday (Monday) morning in the Nepal Plane crash. The huge vacancy that cropped up with the sad demise of this 14 year old is a sheer wallop to the Bollywood Industry. Not only the child, but her mother who also accompanied her in the journey, breathed her last in the plane crash.

Taruni was a renowned face in the Indian households and was best known as the “I Love You Rasna’ girl. She had done approximate 50 commercials and had played a brief role with Amitabh Bachchan in the blockbuster ‘Paa’. Apart, she had also worked in two Malayalam films ‘Vellinakshatram (2004)’ and ‘Sathyam (2004)’. She was last seen in Saharukh Khan’s quiz show ‘Kya App Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?’

After news came about the death of this small beauty, tweeted a shocked Amitabh Bachchan, “Just reading that Tarini Sachdev the girl child artist in Paa, has perished in Nepal plane crash  … please God may this not be true. Please do not say that this is true … I am so shaken.. She was the most bright and beautiful little girl ….” and the grief stricken Prithviraj who had worked with her in Sathyam tweeted “RIP dear :-(,”.

Reports convey that 16 people out of the whole 21 on board were Indians and only three Sreekanth (35-40 years), Sreevardhini (9) and Sreepada (6) have been spotted alive.  As per the words of the Indian embassy, “The injured Indians are undergoing treatment at Manipal Hospital in Pokhara. The other 13 Indians are feared to be dead.” Whatever it may be, but it’s the truth that never we are going to get this beloved one back again.

We do proffer our heartiest condolence to Taruni’s family. “May her soul rest in peace”.

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