Does Amir’s Talaash revolve around the story line of Arushi murder case?

On Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Talaash keeps resemblance with Aarushi murder case!

Bollywood Mr. Perfectionist, Amir Khan’s much talked about movie Talaash is all set to hit the theaters this November and the movie has started roaming in buzz a month before its release. Then, you must wonder why! Actually, storyline of the film is supposed to have a close similitude with the much revealed Arushi murder case and we think it’s true.

Though nothing much is revealed on the issue by the spokesperson of the movie, but we guess Amir and director Reema Kagti has gone through the depth of the case (Aarushi’s murder) and reportedly have studied the case very close, starting from the police investigation in the suburbs of Noida to the case handled over to CBI for re-investigation. Then question arises, why they were so keen on investigating the murder case? Of course, to get some veiled info that would assist them in picturizing their movie, we think.

However, close sources also reveal that the filmmakers had even asked for newspaper reports on the case and extended their desire to know under which circumstances exactly the case was handed over to CBI and what the defaults were there in the Police investigation!  Arushi, a 14 years old lass was found assassinated at her own residence in Noida on May 16, 2008, following the death of her domestic help Hemraj, whose corpse was discovered the very next day from the terrace of her house. It was suspected that her parents had killed both and the case is yet in the court too.

Whatever, but the suspicion goes on around that Amir has featured the case in his movie and hence it’s under huge commendation. The trend is not new in Bollywood and we have always seen filmmakers prioritizing on placing real life incidents in their movies. It (Talaash) might be one more facet of the development! So, let’s wait and watch it on November 30.

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