SUV for Katrina on her birthday!

On Thursday, July 19th, 2012


Salman gifted Katrina a SUV on her birthday!

No matter what controversies they have in their relationship, but Salman always bears special feelings for Katrina in heart and that’s why the superstar gifted her with SUV on her 28th birthday occasion. Kat too extracted some special moments from her busy schedule to spare with her ex-boyfriend’s family, though it was a working birthday for her.     The babe cut cake at Yash Raj studio, where she was dubbing for her movie and afterwards went to the practice session for ‘Dhoom 3’. But the evening saw her celebrating a hushed birthday gala with friends and closed ones. Even, she draw out some private time to celebrate with Salu miya.

It seemed, Kat liked the gift by her ex-flame too much. She was so excited and hence was found driving the car all around. As revealed a close source, “Katrina came back home from YRF studios to change. And then headed out in the new black car. She spent some time with her friends (mostly assistant directors) and choreographer Bosco in a Bandra restaurant. It was pretty late in the night when she reached Galaxy Apartments, Salman’s residence for a quiet dinner with Salma, Salim and Arpita Khan.”

It was bared by an eyewitness that the new car was parked outside the Galaxy apartments late at night. Kat is so much fascinated with the car that she was found reaching at Rajesh Khanna’s residence with the brand new car to pay tribute to the late superstar.

And why she should not she be? After all, it is given by her ex…..!

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