Why is Sunny so desperate to learn Bollywood Dance Moves!

On Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Sunny Leon

Sunny Leon is busy learning Bollywood dance moves!

The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leon made her Bollywood debut with Pooja Bhatt’s ‘Jism 2’ and soon was roped in a few more projects too. Right now, she is busy shooting the next installment of Ragini MMS and is much frantic to learn the Bollywood dance moves. Hence, she has also decided to stay on in India for some long duration.

Then question arises here, why the babe is so desperate to learn the Indian dance moves? Answer to this why is too apparent. As she has already steeped into the Bollywood industry, she wants to make Bollywood her career and so it’s essential that she must be prompt in all tinsel town norms to confront the stiff competition in the industry. Hence, she is so fraught o learn all the dance moves here.

However, Sunny declares that she has special love and interest for Indian dance moves and hence wants to learn those .Confirming the issue, said the actress “I am learning Bollywood dance from Shabina Khan. I love Bollywood dance moves and I am craving to learn Bollywood moves.”

When asked, if she would love to do an item number in a movie, she said, “As I said, I love dancing. I would love to do an item number, but I have signed a contract, so I can’t do any item number (for the time being). But I am looking forward to doing typical Bollywood dance numbers.”

On the other hand, Sunny’s guru Shabina is also quite happy with the dedication and performance her student is giving during the classes and hence says, “Sunny is a very dedicated student who listens to each and every word very carefully and pays a lot of attention and gives her 100 percent. As Sunny is now a full-fledged Bollywood heroine, I’m going to train her in complete Bollywood dancing, which is full of grace, expressions, perfect moves with sex appeal.”

Well, it’s really praise-worthy that Sunny is trying her best to cope up with the Bollywood film industry and we hope such keenness and enthusiasm of her would open up the gates of success for her in the industry. 

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