Sunny Leone feels shy to make bed scenes with Randeep!

On Monday, May 21st, 2012


Sunny Leone feels shy to make bade scenes with co-star Randeep Hooda!

The Indo-Canadian famous porn star Sunny Leone feels shy to make an intimate bed scene with co-star Randeep Hooda! Don’t you believe it? But it’s a truth. The incident took place in the suiting set of “Jism 2” during the suit of an intimate scene featuring Sunny and Randeep. ‘Jism 2′ is the Bollywood debut of Sunny.

On this regard Mahesh Bhatt, the producer of the film said, “I always knew that she is a very shy person. Just because she is a porn star doesn’t mean that she has lost her feminine quality of being shy. During the lovemaking scene with Randeep she was finding it very difficult to do it comfortably,”

Mr. Bhatt gave this information to media over phone from Sri Lanka, where the suiting of “Jism 2” is in progress.

“Jo nazar aata hai wo hota nahin hai’. All that glitters is not gold, all soldiers are not brave, all holy men are not holy and all porn stars are not bold. At times reality is different.” He further added.

Sunny Leone was tied up for the role while she was in the turn of her reality show appearance “Bigg Boss 5”. But she made the whole crew astounded with such behavior of her in the ‘Jism 2’ set. “Jism 2” is a sequel of the 2003 Bipasha Basu starrer hit “Jism”, that had become a talk of the town for pretty some time due to the muggy scenes of Bipasha in the movie.

The producecr-cum-script writer of Jism 2 Mr. Bhatt said, “Everyone was surprised with her shyness, but I understood that it will be difficult for her. It’s not easy to shoot a lovemaking scene; it is a very demanding thing. Those who believed that it would be a cakewalk for her will be shocked by this revelation”.

Besides, Sunny is also much tensed with the thoughts that how she is about to get accepted by people as an actress, being she globally known as a famous porn star.

“Sunny is concerned how she will be perceived by the world as an actress because everybody knows her just as an adult star. She wants to be known for something more than that,” he further notified.

Sunny’s career seems to take a different turn from here as apart from this movie, she has also bagged another film the “Ragini MMS” sequel and has already endorsed for a phone and a condom brand.

Now, it will only be revealed after the release of Jism 2, how much the sizzling beauty has become intimated to the brawny man Randeep! Let’s just wait for the day to come.

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